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Monapel Washable diapers


Monapel Washable absorbent insert

The Monapel Praktika diaper contains one absorbent insert, but it can also be purchased separately. In case of bigger children, an additional insert might be needed.

The part that touches the baby’s skin is pure, soft cotton flannel that we make out of certified ECO yarn. Skin- and baby-friendly product. Higher absorbance is ensured by the sewn-in skin-friendly polyester absorbent core.

Composition: 100% cotton and 100% polyester absorbent core inside.

Recommended quantity

In case of using Monapel Praktika diapers, 2-3 insert might be sufficient, because the diaper already contains the insert. For night time use, in case of washing them every second day, 3 insert are needed.

Monapel Disposable paper insert

The Monapel disposable liner is a soft, skin-friendly paper. It helps getting rid of baby poo from the diaper. Lay it flat on the diaper when changing the baby. It can be used as a baby wipe as well, wet or dry. This way we can prevent chemicals from touching the baby’s skin unnecessarily.

Composition: 76% viscose, 24% binder material.

Each pack contains 50 pieces of the liner.

Monapel Washable wipe cloths

The Monapel baby wipe is pure cotton, soft washable flannel. It can make hanging the baby cheaper, and we can prevent harmful chemicals from touching the baby’s skin. White, natural and patterned, mixed pack.

Composition: 100% patterned, white or natural cotton.

Each pack contains 5 wipes.

Recommended quantity: If used for changing the baby, 4-5 packs are recommended. If used as burp cloth, 1-2 packs might be sufficient.




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