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All In One Plus diaper

The All In One Plus diaper is a combination of the textile diaper and the watertight cover. Its slim and tailored design follows the baby’s thighs perfectly, and the wide Velcro helps adjusting it as needed.


The outer part of the All in One washable diaper is a watertight, breathing, soft and smooth material. The inner part that touches the baby is 100% cotton. The Velcro on the waist ensure perfect fitting, making it possible to adjust the diaper for the baby. The elastic parts at the thighs ensure perfect fitting as well. The sewn-in absorbent core ensures maximum moisture absorbance. The diaper contains a flannel insert that helps adjusting the absorbent capacity depending on the wearer being a baby boy or a baby girl.


It comes in two sizes, making it possible to be used from a new-born age till the baby being potty-trained.
M: 3-9 kg
L: 7-14 kg


Composition: 100% cotton lining, 100% polyester absorbent core on the inside, outer watertight cover: 55% polyester, 45% polyurethane. The lining and the part that touches the skin are raw, soft flannel that we make out of certified ECO yarn.

The watertight material is breathing, anti bacterial, certified ECO material. Skin- and baby-friendly product.


Using the Monapel All in One Plus washable diaper is really simple. It shall be put on like regular diapers. It can be practical when someone is babysitting for us, as anyone can handle this kind of diaper.

Folding back the flannel part on the front can increase absorbency on the front. Making it thicker in the middle increases absorbency for little girls.

Using the Monapel disposable paper liner makes removing solid parts of poo easier. The liner shall be fully opened when placed in the diaper.


Recommended quantities depend on the fact, whether one wants to use only this kind of diaper, or mix it with other types, like the Praktika. As an extension, only one piece might be enough.

If we use only this type, 15-20 pieces are needed of each size, depending on our washing and drying facilities. One needs 2-3 times as many as the daily amount. Counting 5-6 diapers per day washed every second day, on the second day 10-12 diapers are washed, and the baby needs an addition 5-6 diapers for the following day, while the diapers dry. This makes it up to 15-18 pieces, rounded up for safety reasons to 20. This, usually, is enough for loading the washing machine.

Of course, if one can only wash rarely, for example every third day, it can be managed with 20-25 diapers.


New diapers must be used before first use. It is worth washing them two or three times to achieve maximum absorbance capacity.

It is enough to wash the All in One Plus diapers on 40°C. They can be washed on 60°C as well, but lower temperatures are gentler and help increase the lifespan of the diaper. Most detergents are compatible with the diaper. For our eco-friendly washing tips, see the Washing tips menu. The diapers must not be boiled!

The diapers shall and must not be ironed! High temperature and ironing ruins the elastic parts, ironing can melt and deform the Velcro and the outer part. The diaper shall not be scrubbed hard, wringed or exposed to high heat (heater, direct sun, etc.).

The diapers must not be bleached or dry cleaned. Use detergents that are chlorine-free and contain active oxygen. Detergents that contain chlorine, for example Bleach, Florasept, Domestos ruin the textile, the elastic parts and the watertight cover, shortening the lifespan of the diaper. Fold the Velcro on the back before washing. Using a washing net makes washing more gentle and increases the lifespan of the diapers.

Store the diapers in slightly vinegary water before wash. (Add 1 dl of 15-20% vinegar to 10 l of water).

All In One Plus diaper

All In One Plus diaper

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