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BIO Praktika Classic washable diaper

BIO Praktika Classic washable diaper (include 1 pc BIO Praktika Absorbent Diaper insert) are modern and comfortable. Its size can be set with strips, so it can be used from a new-born age until potty training. (From 3.5Kg to 15 Kg approx.). The snaps allow it to fit mini, midi and maxi sizes as well. This way, as the baby grows, there is no need to buy bigger and bigger diapers.

It is easy to put on the baby. It closes with Velcro, and it can be sized depending on the baby’ belly. The back is elastic on the waist, so it is comfortable for the baby. For a new born baby, the Velcro on the back outer part is best to use.

It is elastic at the thighs so it fits perfectly and the textile prevents leaking. It is made of soft flannel that feels good for the baby’ skin. Because of the sewn-in absorbent core, it is more absorbent than any regular textile diaper (min. 550ml). The diaper has an additional insert that helps adjusting the absorbent capacity depending on the baby being a boy or a girl. The Praktika diaper must be used with a watertight outer part.


The diaper’s size can be set with snaps in tree positions.


Composition: 100% cotton inner and outer cover, 100% polyester absorbent core in the liner and in the diaper. The inner part and the part touching the skin are made of soft flannel made of certified ECO yarn. The diaper is pure cotton, soft flannel. Anything that touches the baby’s skin is pure cotton.

The sewn-in absorbent core is highly absorbent skin-friendly polyester. Nothing touches the baby’s skin but natural, soft cotton, but the highest absorbent capacity and quick drying is ensured. On a special request, we can make diapers with 100% cotton absorbent layer. But in these cases, drying takes longer and one needs more of these diapers. This need can be mentioned to us via calling the customer service.

The materials for the diapers are especially made for this purpose at local manufacturers; that is how we ensure consistent high quality. Diapers are long lasting and can usually be used by a second baby as well.


BIO Praktika Classic washable diaper must be used with an outer, watertight Mona Wrap. The size of the diaper must be adjusted with the snaps.

With the help of the insert, the absorbency can be adjusted (BIO Praktika Absorbent Diaper insert). In case of boys, it shall be placed towards the front, while in case of girls, it shall be placed in the middle. The insert is not necessary for newborns, or only for the night. However, because of the higher amounts consumed, it is needed from the age of 3 months. In case of bigger children, 2 inserts may be useful during night time, which is why inserts are sold separately as well. Solid parts are easier to remove with the help of Monapel disposable paper liners.


The size of the diaper can be adjusted; this way there is no need to buy a newer set as the baby grows. It can be set in 3 sizes, depending on the baby.

The outer part shall be put on the baby separately. The advantage of this is that it comes in many shapes, and it dries quickly. On the other hand, it makes changing the baby cheaper, as one needs far less of outer parts, than diapers. The diaper and outer part does not become bulky in between the baby’s legs, as it is made of just as many layers, as sewn-together ones.


Monapel Praktika diapers come in white, coloured, patterned and natural (un-whitened).


The suggested stock is 15-20 pieces, depending on your washing and drying facilities. One needs twice or three times as many as the daily amount of diapers. Counting 5-6 diapers per day washed every second day, on the second day 10-12 diapers are washed, and the baby needs an addition 5-6 diapers for the following day, while the diapers dry. This makes it up to 15-18 pieces, rounded up for safety reasons to 20. This, usually, is enough for loading the washing machine. Of course, if one can only wash rarely, for example every third day, it can be managed with 20-25 diapers. As the size of the diaper can be adjusted, there is no need to buy a new set as the baby grows.


New diapers should be washed before first use. It is worth washing them 2 or 3 times to reach maximum absorbency. It is enough to wash the Praktika diapers on 40°C or 60°C.

Boiling them is not allowed! There is no need to iron them, and they must not be ironed! High temperature wash and ironing ruins the elasticity at the back, while ironing can melt, deform and ruin the Velcro and the snaps.

They must not be dry cleaned or bleached! Use chlorine-free detergents that contain active oxygen. Detergents that contain chlorine, like Bleach, Florasept, and Domestos ruin the textile and shorten the lifespan of the diaper. Fold the Velcro and open the snaps before wash. Store the diapers in vinegary water before wash. (Add 1 dl 15-20% white vinegar to 10 l water).

Using the Monapel disposable paper liner makes getting rid of solid dirt easier.

BIO Praktika Classic washable diaper

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