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Training diaper

At the end of the diaper-age, a moment comes in every child’s life, when he or she indicates the need to pee or poo. These days it might happen, that the child does not reach the potty, and the clothes get wet.

Diapers may hamper Training, because the child is not able to take it on and off alone. Disposable panty diapers are easy to put on and take off, but because of their high absorbance, it is hard for the child to link the stimuli of pee and poo with their results. When disposable diapers have become widespread, Training has become months longer.

The Monapel Training diapers are ideal for this period. Because of its form, it is easy to take off, and it helps the child to go to the toilet alone, just like adults do. This will be a huge success for them. If the child still pees in a little bit, the clothes will not get wet, as the lining of the diaper absorbs moisture, and the outer part is a watertight, breathing material, that prevents soaking. Still, it provides enough sense of wetness, helping the Training process.

As it can be washed, it is a durable product, making it far more economical than disposable diapers.


Composition: 100% cotton inside, 100% polyester absorbent core, outer watertight cover: 55% polyester, 45% polyurethane. The inner side that touches the skin is soft flannel that we make out of certified ECO yarn. The watertight material is also breathing, antibacterial, certified ECO material. On the waist the hemming is especially soft, silky and watertight, preventing wetness to soak the clothing. Skin- and baby friendly product.


The Monapel Training diaper is a transition between diapers and underwear. It is recommended from the age when the child is mature enough for Training, when he or she notifies the parents of the need to go to the toilet. It cannot be used as a diaper, and it is recommended for the daytime. As it is a Training pant, the baby needs changing after having peed or pood it. If the child still wets the bed at night, use regular diapers for night time. It is recommended to use for the night when the baby does not wet the bed any more, but sometimes pees in the diaper until he or she reaches the toilet.


The Monapel Training pants are available in several sizes. Weight helps to determine the right size. For a perfect fit, it is worth weighing the child and choosing the suitable size.
M 13-15 kg
L 15-17 kg
XL 18-20 kg


The amount needed may vary, depending on the amount of “accidents” during Training. One or two might be enough, while some need more. It can be purchased in one-piece packages.


The new diapers must be washed before first use. It is worth washing them two or three times to achieve maximum absorbance capacity.

It is enough to wash the Monapel Training diapers on 40°C. They can be washed on 60°C as well, but lower temperatures are gentler and help increase the lifespan of the diaper. Most detergents are compatible with the diaper. For our eco-friendly washing tips, see the Washing tips menu. The diapers must not be boiled!

The diapers shall and must not be ironed! High temperature and ironing ruins the elastic parts, ironing can melt and deform the Velcro and the outer part. The diaper shall not be scrubbed hard, wringed or exposed to high heat (heater, direct sun, etc.).

The diapers must not be bleached or dry cleaned. Use detergents that are chlorine-free and contain active oxygen. Detergents that contain chlorine, for example Bleach, Florasept, Domestos ruin the textile, the elastic parts and the watertight cover, shortening the lifespan of the diaper. Fold the Velcro on the back before washing. Using a washing net makes washing more gentle and increases the lifespan of the diapers.

Store the diapers in slightly vinegary water before wash. (Add 1 dl of 15-20% vinegar to 10 l of water).

Training diaper

Training diaper

Training diaper

Training diaper

Training diaper

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