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Our company manufactures baby-friendly products that help the implementation of the so-called attachment parenting. Attachment parenting, being a revolutionary method of tradition-based parenting is the main line of modern parenting methods. It includes the satisfaction of the babies’ optimal need for physical contact, breastfeeding, calming, carrying the baby in a sling and the environmentally friendly mindset of the parents (such as the usage of washable diapers).

We have a 15 years long history: we popularize babywearing and the usage of baby slings; we also treat its physical and mental effects, as well as the usage environmentally friendly diapers and breastfeeding. At our company, you can find the regular Nandu baby sling and the Nandu ring sling. Out of the environmentally friendly diapers, it is worth mentioning the high-quality Monapel washable cloth diapers: diaper inserts, diaper covers, potty training diapers, diapers for swimming, disposable diaper inserts and other products. We also sell the Baboo breastfeeding pillow, as well as the Baboo breastfeeding nightdresses and T-shirts.

The reliability and high quality of our products are tested by hundreds of mothers – like us – on a daily basis. With the continuous development and the active cooperation of our partners, our products are all modern and meet every need.

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